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LEGO® - almost everyone knows it. We played with it as children, and now our children play with it - and we with them :) Visiting Legoland is a wonderful family trip and here are some practical tips and insights from our trip, including a list of price lists, opening hours and frequently asked questions .

We recommend that you make a minimum two-day trip. Legoland is near the German town of Günzburg (Legoland in Denmark is described in a special page) and is a large amusement park and to see all of it in one day is possible, but two days is much better. And if you decided on the longer trip, we recommend also visiting Munich, which is a short way from Legoland and offers many interesting things to visit. For example, Allianz arena football - one of the most modern football stadiums, the large German Museum of Technology, or the well-known Oktoberfest.

If you want a longer vacation I definitely recommend combining your visit to Legoland with Europa Park, but that is near to the other side of Germany, close to the border with France.

However, back to Legoland. The official name of the park is "LEGOLAND DEUTSCHLAND": Legoland Germany. Throughout the world, there are many similar Legoland parks and Lego® is the manufacturer of LEGO® construction kits. Also, there is a network of smaller parks - "Legoland Discovery Centre" and one of them is now in Berlin.

At the entrance you receive a park map, which is divided into themed units. A description of a few of them are given below. However, Legoland comes up with new innovations each year. Each year, a new exhibition, perhaps 2014 was the new - LEGO® Castle, where you can stay and spend the night, an exhibition dedicated to the LEGO® MOVIE and an exhibition dedicated to Star Wars, specifically the X-Wing fighter.

Do not worry, it is not a boring show – Legoland is a theme park, and this designation is well deserved. Here, you can experience a lot of fun and adrenaline. We advise taking spare clothes for your children, because a lot of attractions are associated with water. We decided to describe some classic parts of Legoland:

hvezda-lodLEGO® MINILAND

Miniland is exactly what everyone has in mind on hearing the term "Legoland". It is a small world of LEGO® bricks. You will find models of famous buildings and monuments. You can see, for example, the Hamburg harbor with floating boats, Munich Airport with a model of a Boing and you can see inside. You can also find the largest LEGO model in the world (five meters long) – the football stadium Allianz Arena, or the model of Berlin with the Reichstag and television tower, the famous Neuschwanstein castle or the distinctive exteriors of Netherlands, Venice or Switzerland.


This is an interactive part containing, for example, a walk through the underwater world of Atlantis, the ProjektX rollercoaster, musical instruments made from Lego that you can control and much more.


Here you can find, for example, a safari road between Lego animals, a jungle boat ride and descend a steep water trough or try the rope center. Legoland also boasts a number of slides, water cannons, playgrou, trains with circular routes and many other attractions that will delight your children. Your child may also attend a children’s driving school, after which they are given a driving license. If you are interested, it is necessary to reserve the appropriate car area for the next morning.

There are also a number of restaurants and social facilities. If needed, there are also health care professionals.

Unfortunately, most meals here are very calorie. But children will definitely appreciate the french fries.

Some attractions are worth a few minutes of queuing, and if your budget allows, you can buy an Express Pass, which is a kind of preferential ticket, bypassing the entire queue and getting priority access. Only watch out for height restrictions for some attractions - for security reasons, some smaller attractions are forbidden to children.

As you exit Legoland, you have to go through the shop with lots of attractions for children.

Opening hours

German Legoland is open from April to October, almost every day from 10am. Its opening hours and closed days can be found on the park’s official site.

Entrance fees

Admission can be purchased directly at the gate or in advance online at Legoland’s official website. It is worth getting a family ticket and if you buy it online 7 days in advance, it is cheaper than buying it at the last minute.

Official website:

Frequently Asked Questions about German Legoland

It is possible to visit Legoland with your dog?

Unfortunately not, the whole theme park prohibits all pets except guide dogs. However, you can leave your dog in a "dog house" next to Legoland. The fee for having your dog watched is 3.5 Euros per day. Dog House opens 30 minutes before the park opens, and closes 30 minutes after the park closes.

What do I do if an accident happens?

In the LEGO® CITY there is a medical staff that will help you professionally. For visitors from abroad, it is recommended to have valid travel insurance.

What do I do if I lose something?

The lost and found counter is at the entrance to Legoland. If you notice a loss at home, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

What is the children's bracelet?

At the entrance you can pick up a special strip to be worn on the wrist. I recommend writing the child’s name and your telephone number and getting the child to wear the bracelet. If your kids get lost, the Legopark staff will know how to contact you.

Is smoking approved in Legoland?

No, it is forbidden to smoke throughout the whole park. However, there are designated smoking areas.

Renting a stroller

In the "Mini-Market" it is possible to rent a stroller or wheelchair for a fee. The park is huge it is worth renting one if you have small children.

It is possible to buy an annual pass online?

Yes, just like a regular ticket, you just need an annual pass, you print it at home, then exchange your voucher for an original pass at the entrance.

How long ticket valid?

The ticket is valid for the entire season in which you bought it. It is activated when you enter through the turnstiles. A one-day ticket can be kept for several months, but the moment you step into Legoland and you use it, the ticket is canceled.

Unused ticket flops?

Unused tickets can be transferred to the following year. So they extend their validity. However, it is necessary to arrange to do this with the operator, otherwise the ticket will expire. Having your money returned is not possible.

Will a monochrome printed ticket suffice?

Yes, black and white printing is quite sufficient. It is important to print a good, clear barcode.

Can I print more tickets per paper?

No, each ticket must be printed on a separate sheet of paper.

Can I leave the park during the day and then return?

Yes, but only if you obtain a return ticket from the turnstile operator.