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Belantis is a modern and relatively new amusement park a short distance from Leipzig (about an hour from Dresden). It was established in 2003 and since that time has been steadily expanding and we see that some areas are still awaiting further constructions.

Belantis is completely about adrenaline and attractions for strong stomachs. There are some attractions that are very modern and unique in all of Germany. But there are also milder attractions. Overall, I would recommend it for teenagers or families with older children. If Belantis is your kind of thing, you should visit the similarly themed adrenaline park Geiselwind close to Nuremberg.

The park is divided into thematic units. Belantis’ dominant feature is a large (38 meters high - the largest in Europe) pyramid with a water slide for boats - this is the equivalent of a roller coaster, just being on the water. Of course, at first you go along a water pathway to the top of the pyramid. It is located in the topic "Valley of the Pharaohs" and cannot be overlooked because of its height. There are other attractions in this part of the park. There are many attractions with sand, for example, a big sandbox for your buildings or excavator.

Other thematic areas of the park are:

Island Knights“a medieval castle with the "Dragon Ride" roller-coaster at speeds of up to 70 km/h. In this section you will also find BELANTIS food - with Knightly theme. There is also a children's playground and a maze.

Coast explorers“ – this has a strong pirate theme. The main attraction is a 13-meter high mast on a pirate ship that takes you to the top and lets you free-fall down. You can also try sailing on a boat or take a relaxing ride on a pedal boat.

Beach gods“ – an ancient Greece setting: full of activities that you know from legends. The unique attraction "divine years" is a special seat with wings that can be controlled and thereby riders determine their flight. So you can enjoy quiet gliding or a corkscrewing ride. If the sky is small, you can go directly to the sea and enjoy a cruise on one of the Poseidon fleet or Odysseus cruises. And in the context of the ancient world you cannot miss the Icarus flight - luckily your wings do not burn and you land safely.

Belantis Castle“ – a fairytale castle full of roundabouts and children's trains. This area is mainly intended for the youngest children.

Country Counts“ – containing a medieval market hall with wooden medieval buildings. Adrenalin attraction here is the "Dragon years" - four small roundabouts next to each other, which rotate around their own axis and are also lifted to a height. There are great water attractions including giant slides where you ride in nice rubber boats. Children can enjoy panning for silver, biking, horseback toy cars in sand or the nature trail.

The prairie Indians“ – Native country trail, which can be calm and relaxed, but also pretty full-on. The main adrenaline ride is a pendulum that in addition to the classic rocking motion, rotates around its own axis and puts you in a state of weightlessness for a while. Furthermore, you can go canoeing and children can complete a path of courage or pet domestic animals in a petting zoo.

Empire of sun temples“ – here you will find the "roughest" roller coaster in Germany called Huracan. It has a vertical drop, which is not usual: most tracks have a slightly angled descent. The maximum height of the track is 32 meters above the ground and the track contains five loops. When you ride Huracan, you will experience forces of up to 5G. For safety reasons, the track is open only to persons older than 8 years and within the height range 1.3 to 1.95 meters.

Generally, the most adrenaline-fuelled attractions are limited by age or height. Follow the information signs.

Opening hours and admission

The park is open outside the winter from the beginning of April to the end of October. The opening hours are from 10 to 18 hours (in summer until 20:00). The current opening hours are presented on the official website.


  • Adults 25.9 Eur
  • Children 23.9 Eur
  • Children under 1.1 meters free
  • Admission at the entrance is about 2 euros more expensive than if you buy it through the online shop.