Freizeit-Land Geiselwind


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Geiselwind is one of the largest amusement parks in Bavaria (400,000 square meters). Like Belantis, this park is more about adrenaline and therefore is not suitable for small children. If you have smaller children, we would suggest visiting Churpfalzpark or Legoland.

A video is worth a thousand pictures, so below we have selected the most interesting, to give you an idea. Interestingly, in particular, you can see all the attractions through the eyes of the visitor. Geiselwind official website has icons for each attraction showing how much adrenaline and what limitations there are for children or even adults. Adrenaline is shown in the last column with an arrow (straight red is worst).

There are four rollercoasters, the largest is the "Boomerang", which takes you to a height of 35 m and sometimes reaches speeds up to 75 km/h. Other "stomach" tops are various pendulums and roundabouts, which are countless in Geiselwind.

Also interesting is the height attraction that takes you up high and lets you free-fall, or just rest, you can watch the whole area from ​​the 95 m high tower, which is appropriately named "Top of the World".

Another interesting experience is the 4D cinema, which in addition to virtual reality provides a fourth dimension movable seat.

If you're not afraid to get wet, there are now four water attractions. The most exciting is "Nautical Jets'. They let you ski jump out of the water slides at the end of a rope stuck through the rear. Limited to a maximum weight of 80 kg.

However, not everything in the park is all about adrenaline. There are also attractions suitable for younger children, or adrenalin "mini" attractions - such as falling from a height in free-fall. For children, this attraction is at a height of six meters. The adult version is "T-REX Tower" at a height of 60 m.

In addition, there are many roundabouts and peaceful carts shaped like toy trains, toy cars and swans etc. Some also have access for parents.

The park includes a relaxing zoo especially for children. You can see monkeys, flamingos, storks, goats, ponies, various species of aquatic and terrestrial birds and other fauna.

In Geiselwind you can also find various kinds of live performance such as circus and street arts, but also adrenaline spectacles such as the burning man who jumps from a height into the pool.

Admission and opening hours

The park is open from early April to early October from 9:00 to 17:00. Check the official website. Tickets may be purchased online, the prices are:

  • Children under 1.1 meters free
  • Visitors from 1.1 to 1.4 m 22.5 Eur
  • Visitors over 1.4 m 26.5 Eur
  • Visitors are free on their birthday
  • Two-day ticket 33 Eur

There is an interesting two-day ticket. If you want to really enjoy all the attractions, then one day really isn’t enough. So it’s better to buy a two-day ticket and spend the night somewhere near the park. There are several pensions nearby.

Dogs are allowed into park on a leash - however fighting breeds are excepted. Parking is free.