Accomodation in Europa Park

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There are five four-star hotels In Europa Park. Given the scale of Europa Park, this place is a frequent destination for family vacations - and not just a weekend in the park, but for a week straight. In addition to visiting Europa Park, the following hotels offer many activities directly in the hotels themselves, or relatively close to Europa Park, where you will find the cities of Stuttgart, Karlsruhe or Zurich. The park is very close to the border, so there is no problem to go one day into the heart of Germany, France the next day and the third day into Switzerland.

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In nearby Rust there are countless hotels and guest houses, and generally they are where the "park" visitors stay. Prices vary, you will find more expensive and more luxurious and much cheaper than in the park itself. Anyway, I recommend booking in advance - especially during the holidays when the hotels may be sold out long in advance.