Churpfalzpark Loifling


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Churpfalzpark is for smaller children. It is a huge park – larger than Legoland. It is known for its flower gardens. Large images have been created in the gardens. There are a lot of rest places and paths next to attractions. Churpfalzpark has a 6.5km of pavements.

churpfalzpark-logoBelow is a video where there you can see some of the attractions:

  • Mirror Maze
  • Autodrome
  • Electronic Theatre
  • Giant Trampoline
  • Rimini Express into orbit
  • Worm Apflel railways
  • Carriage ride
  • Children's giant wheel
  • And many others…

Churpfalzpark-kvetinaLoved by children are water attractions:

  • "Ladybird" waterslide
  • High rafting on the wild river
  • Flower gondola
  • Various attractions associated with boating and other water resources
  • And many others…

We recommend that you pack spare clothes for your children because after the completion of these attractions they are often pretty soaked.

Flower gardens and attractions:

  • Summer garden with one million flowers and 860 fountains
  • Heather garden
  • Dahlia garden
  • The English Garden

Prices and entrance

The park is open from April to October, from 9:00 to 18:00. Churpfalzpark is very large, so you need to spend the whole day here. There are hotels in the nearby town of Cham.

Price of tickets are:

  • For adult 16.5 Eur
  • For children 6-13 – 15.5 Eur
  • For children 3-5 – 12.5 Eur
  • For seniors from 65 – 15Eur

In the price of your ticket you are paying for entrance to all attractions, with the exception of some specialties like driving a four-wheeler or a racing car. These attract an additional cost.It is impossible to buy tickets online, only at the entrance.