Bayern Park


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The amusement park is located between Munich and the Czech border, and is unique in its focus on animals – there is a wooded park with a small zoo...

Bayern Park is closely connected to animals - both living and artificial. The artificial ones include donkeys and ponies on which children can ride along a predetermined path. The animals are controlled electronically. This category includes the turtles-train and the pigs-train. There is a classic sightseeing train as well. Other artificial animal attractions are treading moose – the equivalent of pedal cars. There are also classic pedal cars and electric bikes (or rather tricycles).

Regarding the live animals - part of Bayern-Park is the "wilderness park" which could be compared to a special zoo where there are not many animals, but in an interesting environment. There are chamois, Cameroon sheep, dwarf goats, deer, fallow deer and macaques.

There are some classic children's attractions – the park includes slides, climbing frames and playgrounds. Even more interesting are the giant bouncy castle and the children's village (child-sized houses). For lovers of adrenaline we recommend a visit to the indoor castle, where there is a climbing wall. There is a plastic climbing mountain outside - it rises gradually and children try to climb to the top.

There are also several roundabouts of various sizes and themes (chain, swans, ...) in the park. The rollercoasters (again several sizes) and other adrenaline attractions, such as a shuttle boat or a frog pendulum. Something a little different is the summer bobsled.

Included among the aquatic attractions are a raft ride in a wild riverbed or downhill tires.

Opening hours and admission

The park is usually open from 9 to 18 hours, but is sometimes different - for a detailed schedule, visit the park website.

Prices of day ticket:

  • Adults and children over 140 cm -> 18,5Eur
  • Children from 100 to 140 cm -> 16Eur
  • Children under -> 100 cm Free
  • Seniors over 65 years -> 14,5Eur

The ticket price is entry to all attractions except the summer bobsled and children's bikes. These are extra.

Parking at the park is free and it is also possible to sleep in your caravan there. This option is prohibited in larger parks like Legoland – you have to book a special camping place there.

Dogs are prohibited.

There are five changing tables for babies and accessible toilets in the park.